Barden Independent Custom Home Dealers Resource Center

Barden Independent Dealers are some of the most important members of the Barden Building Products family. 

While independently owned and operated, our custom home dealers represent the Barden brand and our long tradition in the custom home building industry. More importantly, Barden Independent Dealers work with clients to develop and build homes they’ll fall in love with every time they pull in their driveways


The Role of a Barden Independent Dealer

A Barden Independent Dealer is a client’s partner on a Barden custom home project. 

From Day 1, an independent dealer helps the client realize their next home, working with them from conceptualization and design to managing or completing construction. 

Barden Independent Dealers support a client through each step of building their custom, panelized home, providing expertise and guidance through each milestone.


What an Independent Dealer Does:

  • Assist with design
  • Match budget with anticipated costs
  • Help with site selection
  • Obtain the appropriate permits
  • Evaluate financing options 
  • Coordinate deliveries
  • Manage subcontracts

The Barden panelized construction method is designed to make designing and building a home efficient. Dig into what our custom home construction process looks like:


Explore the Barden Construction Timeline

Barden Building Products + You = Success 

As a Barden Independent Dealer, you’ll have the support of Barden Building Products coupled with the freedom of running your own business. 

When a Barden Independent Dealer is successful, Barden Building Products is successful. That’s why we work closely with our dealers to provide them the resources to leverage and scale their businesses, such as:

  • Lead generation & follow-up sales tools
  • Drafting and design services
  • Marketing materials 
  • Advertising co-op funds
  • Purchasing and customer service support
  • Assessments of market conditions
  • Guidance on best practices 
  • Insights on industry trends  
  • Networking & peer mentorship

Under the Barden name, our independent dealers enjoy instant brand recognition that’s synonymous with full home customization and top quality.

Download our e-book, Becoming a Barden Independent Dealer: A Blueprint for Success, to learn more about what our independent dealership program can do for your business:


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How Panelized Construction Benefits Your Custom Home Business

Barden-factory-4 (1)
completed Molly's Manor construction

All Barden homes are constructed using our Fast Track Framing System. Developed by our manufacturing division, North American Truss, this panelized construction method is designed for efficiency and savings

Fast Track Framing System components comprise wall panes, roof & floor trusses, and pre-engineered decking. Made in North American Truss’s factory, all building products are precision-engineered under strict controls. 

The Fast Track Framing System brings four key benefits to any project:

  1. Faster Construction Times: Made in a factory while other parts of a project are underway, Fast Track Framing System building components are delivered to the job site exactly when they’re scheduled ready for immediate installation. There’s no time spent on-site building structural elements of a home from scratch. What’s more, with this system a home is made weathertight within a matter of days, not weeks. 
  2. Less Labor: With Fast Track Framing System manufacturing happening off-site, time spent on-site is minimized, keeping labor costs down. In addition, building crew size is reduced as the system requires fewer people – including the skilled carpenters hired to on-site framing  – for construction. 
  3. Fewer Materials: Using precision engineering coupled with the latest building technology, the system’s building components are made to exact specifications. That means the only materials used in making wall panels or trusses are exactly what’s needed. There’s very little waste.
  4. Customization: The Fast Track Framing System capitalizes on the biggest benefit of panelized construction: customization. Working closely with our in-house drafting and design team, building components can be made to fit a project’s requirements. 

With the Fast Track Framing System, you’ll not only help clients realize homes that meet all their needs, but also complete more revenue-driving projects.


Barden Building Products: Beyond Custom Home Building

As a company focused on providing building solutions, Barden Building Products’ services go beyond custom home construction. SmartBuild Systems takes the hard work out of designing and drafting post frame building projects for bidding. This web-based software is available to our independent dealers specializing in pole barns and post frame buildings. 

Learn how SmartBuild Systems optimizes designing and quoting post frame building projects.




Become a Barden Independent Dealer

Ready to start your custom home building career with Barden Building Products? Take your first step toward joining our growing network of Barden Independent Dealers. Contact us today: 


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