Commercial Pole Barns

Long gone are the days of metal buildings meant for just industrial purposes. 

With a unique aesthetic coupled with functionality, pole barns provide versatility for commercial projects. And there’s hardly an application a pole barn -- or post frame building -- can’t meet. 

Customizable and built to withstand the test of time, pole barns by Barden Building Products are a cost-effective commercial building solution.



The Benefits of Barden Commercial Pole Barns 

Made for utility and function, Barden commercial pole barns are: 

  1. Adaptable
  2. Quickly built
  3. Long-lasting
  4. Cost-effective

1. Adaptable

As each client’s needs are unique, creating a commercial pole barn to match is easy. Ready for customization, pole barns provide design flexibility. It’s not hard to integrate a client’s wants and needs into a pole barn’s layout -- whether its higher ceilings, open floor spaces, or even offices. 

Create a commercial pole barn’s layout  on the spot with a client. Learn how SmartBuild Systems software through Barden simplifies the design process:


2. Quickly Built 

Designed for efficient construction, commercial post frame structures are built quickly. With building materials arriving on-site ready, there’s little time wasted starting building. You’re able to complete a project quickly and move onto your next. 

3. Long-Lasting

Made from some of the most durable building materials, pole barns stand up to the elements and heavy impacts, without displaying signs of wear-and-tear or age. 

Put simply, commercial pole barns are designed to last.  

4. Cost-Effective

Compared to the stick building construction method, pole barns are a cost-effect building solution.  


They use less lumber and other building materials. With materials arriving on-site and ready, pole barn projects take less time and labor to construct, too. 


Popular Types of Commercial Pole Barns

Offering both utility and function, commercial pole barns meet a variety of purposes, including:


When most think of a commercial metal building, warehouses and garages are usually what comes to mind first. Designed for storage -- and durable -- metal post-frame buildings are ideal for keeping vehicles and larger items protected and safe from the elements.


Similar to garages, metal post frame buildings are a popular choice for small shops and manufacturing operations. Customizable and easily added onto, post-frame buildings create a space that meets a client’s current and future needs.


Another newer building trend, commercial pole barns are being used to serve a different commercial purpose: office space. With their versatility in design and ease of construction, post frame buildings offer a unique take on the traditional office building.

Shouse (Shop house) 

A new trend in commercial pole barn construction, shouses represent a combination of a house and a shop. In other words, it’s a building meant for both commercial and residential purposes.

pole barn 3


Building Commercial Pole Barns With Barden  

Barden Building Products simplifies and streamlines the pole barn construction process.

Using SmartBuild Systems -- a web-based software available through Barden to our Independent Dealers --  a commercial pole barn can be designed and quoted within a single client meeting. There’s no lost time waiting on others to create renderings. Any adjustments to its layout are easily made.

Once a client signs off on their residential post frame building’s design, our manufacturing division, North American Truss,  begins making the pole barn's prefabricated components in our shop. Barden provides the other materials needed for the structure, such as:

  • Windows
  • Doors
  • Overhead doors
  • Metal sheathing
  • Support beams

In the meantime site prep can begin with: 

  • Clearing vegetation 
  • Installing any utility lines
  • Leveling and grading 

When all the components are delivered, construction immediately starts. It’s usually completed within a few weeks depending on the complexity of the pole barn’s design. 

Optimize Pole Barn Design And Quoting 

Learn how SmartBuild Systems takes the hard work out of designing, drafting and quoting a pole barn project: