RWC Structural Component Warranty

Whether it’s your first home or the one you’ll spend your retirement in, your newly constructed house is one of your most important assets. It deserves protection from the “what if’s” that aren’t covered by a standard homeowner’s insurance policy.

Barden Building Products is proud to offer our customers an extra layer of coverage for 10 years on structural components through Residential Warranty Company, LLC.


Why Get an RWC Home Warranty?

Put simply, a home warranty gives you peace of mind that the prefabricated elements of your new home made by Barden Building Products meets high manufacturing standards. 

Building firms offering an RWC Warranty are screened against strict criteria. Before being authorized to offer RWC Warranties, builders are examined for:

  • Financial stability
  • Customer satisfaction
  • Technical competence 

In addition, builders are required to adhere with stringent construction standards and are screened annually to ensure compliance. 


What Does an RWC Warranty Provide?

An RWC Warranty provides a homeowner with several benefits during and long after the construction of their house is completed. All homeowners who purchase an RWC Warranty are provided a written warranty document clearly spelling out its coverage and how to get concerns addressed if any should arise.


From time to time, defects can happen when manufacturing structural components of a new home -- even despite our 110 years of experience and priority we place on attention to detail.

On average, structural repairs cost tens of thousands of dollars. Correcting structural defects are usually not covered by a homeowner’s insurance policy. Having a written and insured warranty on your home means that covered defects in warrantied structural components will be repaired by RWC’s Insurer rather than you personally.


Sometimes the unexpected can happen to even the best of manufacturers, and they fall short financially for reasons beyond their control. In the event a manufacturer goes out of business or files for bankruptcy, RWC’s insurer will step in and cover the manufacturer's obligations to your new home. Regardless of what the future may hold for your manufacturer, the warranty marches on.

RWC Warranties also provide security with the insurer itself. RWC Warranties are backed by an insurance company that specializes and writes warranties and insurance only for the construction industry. That means you don’t have to worry about the insurer going out of business because of catastrophic losses, such as natural disasters.

A Second Opinion 

A 10-Year Structural Component Warranty can be a valuable “measuring stick” for evaluating a perceived defect. The warranty provides clearly defined responsibilities for the homeowner, manufacturer, and warranty company, which are outlined in the book provided for your home. A third-party warranty is an excellent unbiased tool to reference in customer service discussions. 

RWC’s dispute resolution process includes free mediation between the homeowner and the manufacturer. If necessary, a formal binding arbitration is also available.

Enhanced Home Value 

Should you sell your home before the end of the warranty period, the balance of coverage is extended to your buyer. The RWC Warranty coverage makes a great selling point, as you are offering a subsequent homeowner the same peace of mind you’ve had.



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