We understand that there are several considerations that go into financing a home, which is why we have developed a home financing and building guide to help you get started. Still want to know more information? Check out the ultimate homeowner toolkit to learn more.

Dear Future Homeowner,

The first thing on everyone’s mind when thinking about building a new home is obvious: how much will it cost?

The truth is, there are so many factors that are taken into consideration before arriving at the final cost of the home that it is nearly impossible to give a prospective homeowner a concise and accurate answer early on in the process. This can lead to understandable confusion and frustration.

That’s why in this letter I want to explain as best as I can, from me to you, what truly goes into the price of a Barden home, and debunk some common home building pricing myths that I’ve seen floating around in home building conversation. 

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Can I afford my dream home? What building style is right for me? Is building a custom home really the right decision?

 We don’t know if Barden Building Products is the right choice for you from a price perspective or building style, but our experts are here to help give you the information necessary to quickly make the decision that’s best for you.  Fill out our custom home profile to receive a free assessment to determine if Building with Barden is your best option. 

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