The standard specifications and materials we use. We offer a full range of alternative and upgrade products such as doors, windows, and roofing, and will even allow you to supply your own if we can’t get you what you want. We can also manufacture our trusses and framing to any specification you desire and will even special order your choice of lumber if our Canadian SPF #2 doesn’t fit your needs.

Contact us any time about our materials, options, or manufacturing process.


Styrofoam sill seal 5-1/2"

2x6 Pressure treated wall plate

Built-up laminated veneer lumber girder (LVL), as required

2x10 floor joists, 2x12 or wood I joists as required

¾" T&G (Tongue & Groove) OSB subfloor with subfloor adhesive

3" diameter round one-piece steel basement posts (Lally columns) with adjustable threads.

K.D. (knocked down) basement stairs; 2x10 treads, stringers and plywood risers, cross bridging wood 1x3


Panel height: 8' 1 ⅛”

2x6 studs, 16" OC (on center) on exterior walls

2x4, 16" OC on garage walls

2x4 studs, 16" OC on interior partitions

2x6 studs, 16" OC on plumbing walls

2x8 or 2x10 headers on bearing walls as necessary

Single bottom and double top plates

Corner and partition backers installed in panels

7/16” OSB (Oriented Strand Board) sheathing on all exterior walls

House wrap, infiltration barrier will be included under siding

Siding is Alside Odyssey Plus

Vinyl "J" blocks, 8 per house included

2x6 partition cap for sheetrock nailer on first floor partitions; 1 ½” metal ceiling angle or clips for sheetrock backer on ranch partitions or second floor partitions

Gable end framing, stud nailer for siding 16" OC

NOTE: Gable end sheathing 7/16” OSB. If plywood wall sheathing option is used, then the gable would also receive the same.


Truss system designed for installation on 24" centers, employing a roof pitch, with rake and eave overhangs per standard design. Roof design will vary with print

2x4 top and bottom chords

2x4 lateral bracing, tie down clips supplied to tie roof truss system correctly

Felt paper, ice & water shield, prefinished metal drip edge, aluminum flashing, GAF Timberline HD shingles

Shingle-over ridge vent with nail-on 6"or 12" ladders

⅝” OSB sheathing with clips


White aluminum pre-bent fascia

Vinyl Alside Alliance T4 soffit

Vinyl louvered shutters per print

6x6 pressure treated porch posts, white vinyl wrap


Exterior door assembled in primed frame with vinyl brick mould applied

Main entrance door - smooth fiberglass, foam insulated, 3/0 x 6/8 with thermal threshold applied

Service door - smooth fiberglass, foam insulated, 2/8 x 6/8 with thermal break threshold applied

House to garage door - 90 minute steel fire door, no glass

Locksets included for all exterior doors

Jeld-Wen Brickmould series Vinyl Windows styles per print, low e argon filled insulated glass with screens and primed extension jamb. Colors are white, Almond or Desert Sand

Garage overhead doors are pre-finished metal, insulated with metal back and installed after rough opening is trimmed. The door is Overhead Door brand 190 series 9/0 x 7/0 or 16/0 x 7/0 in White, Almond, Sandstone, Hunter green, Terra Bronze or Brown. Garage door openers are included with each overhead door (Odyssey 1000 or Destiny HP). Garage doors and openers are installed by Overhead Door independent dealers.


Baseboard and casing – Narrow MDF styles #366 & #623

Swing Doors – Hollow core fiberglass molded doors with primed jambs and hardware

Locksets – Max Grade Residential, any style of color

Closet doors are swing, Bypass, Bi-Fold or Double swing per plan.

Openings – Plastered openings are standard, labeled PO

Attic Access panel – 22 x 30

Vinyl Shelving – 12” Shelf & Rod in closet (cl), 4pcs of shelf in Linen or Pantry


All exterior wall panels assembled with sheathing applied. The outside dimensions of all Barden interior partitions assembled

Homes are from frame to frame

Floor joists pre-cut to correct lengths

Floor plan dimensions do not include material delivered to job site on prearranged schedule


Closed pine stairs – Carpet grade pine with pine risers and treads.

Handrail – Poplar 6010 with brass hardware.

Newels - Poplar 4040 per plan.

Balusters – Primed 5015 per plan

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