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It’s one of the biggest decisions you’ll ever make. And it’s one you want to get right the first time down to the smallest detail. 


Whether you’re looking for a ranch, a two-story home with plenty of bedrooms, or even a vacation home, Barden has a panelized home floor plan to meet your needs. 


Put our interactive Custom Home Floor Plan Search Page to work for you. With a wide variety of search filters, you can whittle down the hundreds of available options and find a Barden home floor plan that checks all the boxes.


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Panelized Home Floor Plans Designed for You or By You  

          What’s our favorite floor plan? 

          That’s easy – it’s the one that you come up with. 

   The #1 thing that sets Barden custom home floor plans apart from other manufactured home floor plans is the fact that ours are 100% customizable

         From layout to material selection and everything in between, there’s virtually nothing about a Barden home that can’t be tailored to your wants and needs. Working closely with a Barden Independent Dealer and our Drafting and Design Department, our team will help you make your vision for the perfect home a reality.