Residential Pole Barns

Designed for utility, pole barns may seem like they’re only meant for commercial and industrial applications 

But as a building that’s as versatile as it is durable, post frame structures do indeed have a place in residential construction.

A replacement for the residential garage, shed, or even home, pole barns are an option for the homeowner that’s looking for:

  • Additional storage 
  • An easily customizable work space
  • A unique residence

Residential pole barns supplied by Barden Building Products are a cost-effective, efficiently built, and long-lasting alternative for the homeowner.

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Pole Barn Garages, Sheds, & Storage Buildings

Types of Residential Pole Barns

In the residential sector, homeowners are turning to post frame construction for:  

  1. Garages, sheds, & storage buildings
  2. Residences 

1. Pole Barn Garages, Sheds, & Storage Buildings

For the homeowner, there’s nothing like having enough storage space. Pole barns are a cost-effective option for those needing a little -- or a lot -- more room to keep items of all sizes protected and out of the elements. 

A utility building first and foremost, pole barns are ideal garages, sheds, and storage buildings. Built to last and easily customized, your client will have no problem creating a building that meets all their needs. 

Pole barns designs easily include key features, such as:

  • High ceilings
  • Overhead doors
  • Built-in storage areas


2. Pole Barn Homes

These days, people are getting pretty creative about their homes. 

Tiny houses, RVs, repurposed cargo vans, and even shipping containers are giving the traditional home a run for its money. Pole barn homes are a functional alternative-style option that doesn’t require sacrifices. 



Designed to look like a barn, this structure is anything but. Despite its distinct appearance, a barndominium boasts all the amenities of a traditional home. 


Taking pole barn homes in a more utilitarian direction, shouses are a combination of a shop and a house. Providing both traditional living space and an area for work, a shouse is ideal for the homeowner who wants to be close to work.



The Benefits of Barden Residential Pole Barns  

Barden makes it easy to create a structure that meets all a client’s needs, as the buildings we supply are: 

  1. Customizable 
  2. Quickly built 
  3. Low maintenance
  4. Long lasting 
  5. Eco-friendly 

1. Customizable 

All Barden buildings are 100% customizable. Pole barns are no exception. 

Whether your client is looking for a utility building with plenty of storage space or a unique home, a residential pole barn supplied by Barden offers almost unlimited design options. 

2. Quickly Built

Combining the latest construction techniques with efficient design, a residential pole barn is a project you won’t spend the better part of a year on. 

As the majority of a pole barn’s components are made off-site, construction time is substantially less than other building methods. A residential post frame building can be made weather-tight within a few weeks. 

3. Low Maintenance

Residential pole barns are a type of building your customers won’t have to worry about. Outside of a fresh coat of paint or a new roof every few decades, a pole barn doesn’t require any extra upkeep.

4. Long-Lasting

Clad in metal, residential post frame buildings withstand the test of time. Residential pole barns stand up to the elements as well as heavy impacts without displaying signs of wear-and-tear or age. 

5. Eco-Friendly 

As consumers are more environmentally conscious than ever, pole barns are an option they can feel good about. Built with durable materials that don’t need regular replacement and boasting a smaller footprint, residential pole barn are more harmonious with nature than other new construction. 

What’s more, pole barns don’t leave much room for waste. All pre-engineered components are built off-site and arrive in exact quantities -- you’ll have all the supplies needed for construction ready to go.

Add Barden pole barns to your building capabilities. Contact us today!


Building Residential Pole Barns With Barden Building Products

Barden simplifies and streamlines the pole barn sales and construction process.

Using SmartBuild Systems -- a web-based software available through Barden to our Independent Dealers -- a residential pole barn can be designed and quoted within a single client meeting -- there’s no lost time waiting on others to create renderings. Any adjustments to its layout are easily made. For pole barn homes, additional design work is required. 

Once a client signs off on their residential post frame building’s design, our manufacturing division, North American Truss,  begins making the pole barn's prefabricated components in our shop. Barden provides the other materials needed for the structure, such as:

  • Windows
  • Doors
  • Overhead doors
  • Metal sheathing
  • Support beams

In the meantime, site prep can begin with: 

  • Clearing vegetation 
  • Installing utility lines
  • Leveling and grading 

When all the components are delivered, construction immediately starts. It’s usually completed within a few weeks, depending on the complexity of the pole barn’s design. 


Optimize Pole Barn Design & Quoting 

Learn how SmartBuild Systems takes the hard work out of designing, drafting, and quoting a pole barn project: