As one of the earliest iterations of the modern home, log cabins have withstood the test of time. 

Times change, however. 

Combining the rustic charm of a log cabin with modern amenities and building, Barden custom log homes let you create a living space without compromise.  Like all our floor plans, Barden Log Homes are 100% customizable. 

With our decades of experience in custom home design and manufacturing, our log home packages offer a unique level of  distinction & character

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Barden Log Homes | Built to Your Specifications

Choosing a custom log home as your next home doesn't mean taking a step back in time and sacrificing comforts or energy efficiencies.

Through the latest manufacturing techniques, we offer a
Smart R Package – a hybrid of a log cabin and a modern prefab home for a fully finished  house with all the amenities. 

While boasting the look of a traditional log cabin, your home is built to easily meet modern construction standards and codes. 



Just like all other Barden homes, our log home packages are 100% customizable. Working with a Barden Independent Dealer as your log home builder, you’ll create a log home design that check all the boxes for your wants and needs.

Onsite-BuildingQuickly Built

How long does it take to build a Barden log home?  No longer than it takes to build any other Barden home! 

6-Punch-List-1Low Maintenance

With semiannual inspections and yearly cleaning and touch-ups as needed, your custom log home’s value and integrity will hold up as long as any other type of home.

Featured Barden Custom Log Home Plans

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Cathleen Log


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Barden: Your Custom Log Home Manufacturer

Found the perfect log home plan? Or do you have a few ideas of layout? Let’s get to work on making your custom log home a reality! 

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